We all could use a refresher course on defensive driving. Defensive driving means that one is constantly "looking out for potential problems before they can occur."  How does one drive defensively? Below are some tips to be aware of for you to effectively practice defensive driving:

Cut down on distractions. We realize this may be easier said than done. Today's cars are equipped with many features now like infortainment systems, on-board computers and touchscreens.  These features are great to have but it's important to not let them get in the way of keeping your eyes on the road.

Head's up. It may be tempting to look just right in front of your car, but you have to know what is going on all around your car. You want to be mentally prepared for anything ahead, such as potholes or oncoming traffic.
Wear your glasses (if you need them).  If you are supposed to wear prescription eyewear, then do it. Sometimes you can't find your glasses but without them you could cause an accident, and if the officer doesn't see you are wearing your glasses or contacts you will almost certainly be fined or have your license taken away.

Wear your seatbelt. This is a big one. In the event of a possible accident, a seatbelt may be life-saving. You can't just rely on airbags. Seatbelts can turn what may have been fatal accidents into ones where people only wind up with minor injuries.

Leave room in between cars. When works over and you just want to get home, it is tempting to get right behind the car in front of you. Just make sure you leave enough room in case you need to stop quickly. 

Ensure you are visible. You might think you are visible by just being in a car but what we mean is using lights and signals. Make sure that you use your turn signals (!) as you want other drivers to know when you are turning. Repair any headlights that no longer work right away too because drivers may not be able to make your vehicle without them on at night or in inclement weather. 

Watch for oncoming traffic.  If you are on a two-way street, especially if you are on a motorcycle, always keep your eyes on the traffic in the opposite lane.  All you need is to have a car or truck cut in front of you while taking a left and you will have an accident.  If you are on a motorcycle, it could be fatal. 

It is crucial for all drivers to engage in defensive driving. It takes some concentration, but by doing it you will be a safer driver.